Signposted village.

The experience provided by ciCUM does not end with the sawmill. A few metres away there's a signposted route that explains all about the village and tells us things about its people and heritage, both tangible and intangible.

All within an environment where the river is constantly heard, where you can feel the breath of nature and almost make out the echo of the people who lived intensely at a time when the forest was also a natural landscape and a way of life.

Village signposted: Castril Vadillo has five interpretive signs that bring visitors the history of the town. They are located in the following locations: opposite the old sequero pineapple, in the street leading to the school of forestry training, next to the entrance of the interpretation center and the esplanade facing the river.
Picture of the seventies that you can see the name "RENFE" on one of the slopes of the roof of the sawmill. Today has been dear to wink at last installed in the same place ciCUM logo.
School students Vadillo Castril with Jose Jaraguides in 1956.