Forest heritage route

One great experience that can be enjoyed on leaving ciCUM is to "get lost” in the national park with the help of an interactive app for mobile devices. This app is like a magnifying glass, showing you the way and deciphering, little by little, those traces and signs that tell us so much about the things these forests have witnessed. The route is divided into three areas: the source of the River Guadalquivir, a land of contrasts with a history of forest; the loggers and their habitat, that goes through the green lung of Andalusia and takes us to forests whose timber has been collected for thousands of year, to giant pine trees such as the one located in Las Veguetas, to the engineers’ old headquarters, to the firepits used to burn pine to extract tar and pitch, and to lunar landscapes and beautiful reservoirs. It's a route that reveals the stories hidden in these mountain ranges that cannot be seen with the naked eye.