The ciCUM exhibition is a unique experience in a wonderful environment. The aim of the centre is to highlight the sawmill located in Vadillo Castril as well as the most important aspects of its historical, social and technical development within the world of logging using original materials, sounds, videos, interactive resources and other kinds of resources.

It's also a place dedicated to memory, emphasising both the renowned and anonymous people that worked in the forest and were pioneers such in difficult times. But it has an even broader aim, if possible: to provide a clear idea of the forest culture in the mountain ranges of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas and its importance as a living example of the Mediterranean mountain culture in Andalusia.

Sawmill room. The different interpretive boards are accompanied by sounds that remind us of the sawmill in operation.
Sawmill room. In the foreground there's a simulation of how the machinery worked to move and cut up the trunks.
Workshop room. By means of reproductions and original objects, this room explains the traditional uses of forestry resources.
Sawmill room. Different elements from the mill, such as the control cubicle and machinery, have been set up and located in their corresponding place.